Silver Sterling
Silver Sterling
Silver Sterling

Silver Sterling

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Silver Sterling flakes have a wonderful metalic appearance, which reflect a fine shinny silvery tone. Its irregular edges create a natural feel that is subtly splendid and highly versatile.

These ethically sourced eco-friendly mineral flakes are vegan, cruelty-free, and always 100% plastic free.

We are committed to providing only high-quality glitters that are made from genuine minerals and offer a large range of colours that will add inspiration to your imagination.

Silver Sterling can be used with many different mediums such as Epoxy resin, mixed media art, paper, cardboard, primed canvas, primed MDF and wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, or acrylic.

These glitter flakes can be used in many applications, such as air-dry clay, FIMO, Geode art, model making, papercraft, and many more.

Thank you to everyone who has sent or shown us your wonderful creations on social media, we thoroughly enjoy seeing such fantastic pieces of jewellery, furniture, sculptures, artwork, and all!

Safety warning: Keep away from children and always test a small sample before use on any large-scale project.

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