Upcycling furniture ideas

Ocean Blue Nightstand / Used Glitters: Deep Ocean Blue 

We absolutely love the use of our Natural Glitter in this beautifully restored nightstand. Brushed Restorations have chosen our vibrant turquoise-blue mica flakes to complement the Dixie Bell ‘Ocean Blue’ colour of the hardware, adding a touch of brushed gold to give the piece extra opulence and luxury. 

By using our natural glitter artfully on the drawer knobs, Brushed Restorations have achieved a satisfying subtlety that draws the eye in, giving the piece a sparkly focus point and a very good reason to reach out and touch it!

Our natural glitters work beautifully with upcycled or restored furniture, bringing a new lease of life to pieces that may otherwise be thrown into landfill. As a company that has its roots firmly in eco-friendly practices, we love nothing more than to see furniture like this nightstand reimagined, reused, and - most importantly - reloved.

We make all our plastic-free natural glitters by hand, using natural minerals and eco-friendly processes to create a beautiful product that doesn’t harm the environment. The result is a vibrant and chunky glitter that is naturally versatile, durable, and full of mother nature’s lustre and shine.

And of course, as a fully environmentally responsible company, we distribute all our natural glitters in eco-friendly packaging, such as aluminium tins, biodegradable cellulose bags or paper bags.

We absolutely love seeing our natural glitters come to life with your amazing projects, so please do continue to share your work with us. If you’re dreaming up your next crafty adventure, why not take a look at our colourful range of natural glitters and see what inspires you?! Click here to discover more.

 Lavender Desk 

It's time to tempt with a new soft lavender all-in-one tone look, ..lavenders tones means this one of the more creative soft shades...

Technique by Brushed Restorations:" I painted the entire desk one color. It is hard for me to just use one color but I wanted to keep it simple.
I purchased some new molds for my resin creations and gave them a try. I made the drawer knob and pulls with ArtResin and added some beautiful lavender and silver mica flakes made by Natural glitters."

 Lavender Desk project called our very special bespoke colour 'Lavender' (how else the name could be?). Would you like some for you? Please contact us for more details.